Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Was There

For that moment when you move on from someone who never quite treated you right.

There was a day
When my tears wouldn't stop
And my heart wrung out
In six thousand melodies
Lyrics of rejection
Harmonies of hurting
And I cleaned the walls
In a bright, summer home
Yet, because of you
My heart was empty
I was forgotten
Pierced in the middle of
My softest place
Rejected by you
And you were all that I wanted

Where were you then?

There were chances-
Seconds, thirds, infinite
I handed them out to you.
Patience grew vines
Over many months of time
I swallowed bitter days
When we wouldn't speak
And still I waited
As questions grew louder
Scars grew deep
And dreams became jagged
Frightening and bleak
Finally my heart had to know
Who she was
As I looked in the mirror
And wondered what I was missing
 To capture your heart

Where were you then?

I remember your birthday
I remember your shows
I remember your family
I remember your friends

I was there.

I was there,
But I can't be now.


  1. i just cried my eyes out about that

  2. you do poetry? i do poetry too!!

  3. A really beautiful way to word feelings too many of us have faced in the past.

  4. Wow! This could be a great song!