Thursday, June 28, 2012

Who we were meant to be...

Is there somewhere
An alternate reality
Made of juxtaposed faces
Of who we were meant to be?
For the pride we have clenched
And the ways we have failed
May be reasons our souls drag
And sputter and ail
Maybe God wanted joy
But we couldn't see how
So we looked to ourselves
And caused heartache and doubt
For lies, there are many
They twist 'round our lives
And when we fail to question
We often lose light
I look for those faces
That we were to wear
And I look at my own
Which seems cracked and impaired
I wonder if Hope
Which flutters and sings
Is a hint of the world
Where we reach those things.


  1. that was beautiful it nearly made me cry

  2. This is an amazing poem. Great jon, Kathrine!(: <333

  3. Katherine, I usually do not like poetry, poems, ... but when I found your blog and read your poems I changed my mind.You can express very well your feelings through the words. I'm your fan. Please keep writing :)

    Ps. Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Brazil.

  4. I love it so much...this poem nearly made me are very talented and I appreciate words you wrote so much. It´s always good to know that people like you exist in this world...take care!