Thursday, June 28, 2012

On Broken Dreams

Come here,
My little superhero
Not long ago
You wished to fly
Yet dreams went damp
Out open windows
Leaving you
With tear-soaked sighs
My heart is breaking
As I watch
You fold up all your
Highest hopes
And trade them in
For wistful lies
Stashed in earl-grey envelopes
I asked you, as you
Climbed up on
My lap
In words so soft and blue,
"Is this the life
You wanted for
The bravest you?"
For fear I see
In your big eyes
Your tears, so heavy
Your face, so young
You look up at me
With eyes so round
And I see defeat
Beats as a drum
I have one ticket
Just one left
To take you from
This empty place
My heart is begging
That you will go;
Please, dear child,
Leave this place.