Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On Shame

A moment of pain so intense
That the soul bounces, restless and jogging
Not sure how to endure this world anymore
A moment of pain internal
When you inhale shame
And exhale fear
And every breath cuts
Sharp, in the lungs
For you're still here
And there's no escape.

A moment of pain
That is shaming
When you sit on the floor
And pick up trash
For usually you hold it
As far from the body as possible
But today you surrender
For you believe, darkly,
That you belong where it goes:
A land-fill
Dead eyes, useless.

And a moment of pain
That leaks out the eyes
The minutes pass quickly
As the tears drip slowly
For you didn't know
Your eyes held so much saltwater
You look in the mirror
Surprised to feel this agony
When a moment ago
You were fine
A moment of pain
That ends in a quiet,
Silent prayer of the heart

Help, Lord, help.

1 comment:

  1. Is this the one you told me about? It touched my heart and soul! It gave me chills, and I can relate completely...Recently an old friend stopped talking to me without telling me why, and whenever I see her it's like I'm scared that I'm not good enough anymore, I feel the need to talk to her, maybe even confront her, but she hold this constant presence in my mind telling me I'm not good enough, I feel ashamed for nothing. You are a beautiful, amazing, inspiring person Kath <3<3<3