Tuesday, September 25, 2012

To the One I will one day Love

I want someone who
Makes my heart pound and thump
Who I am so excited to see and who
Takes my hands and
Spins me around
In glorious circles
Laughter, gold lights and
Music from a gentle century
I want someone who
Doesn't care what I'm wearing
Because it's not the packaging
But the inner soul beauty;
Who sees me for who I am
And who picks me up and
Holds me tight,
Taking that risk
And letting me know I am loved;
Purely, clearly and simply
Tethered by mile-deep
Rods in the earth
Of a solid, strong Faith
And deeply-knit views;
I just want someone whose soul is as strong as his unflinching love.


  1. awsome check out my 2 poems!! you inspire me...fallow me on twitter my name on there is krista stai my pic is pritty little liars and i also fallow you

  2. This is beautiful. Thanks for being willing to share this side of you!