Friday, April 26, 2013

Collective Heart

Dedicated to the man I will one day meet... :)

One night soon
We will be
Dancing underneath
Lights that twinkle
With the glow of our love;
I love you already
My heart is full
With the love saved up
From months and days
And moments that passed
In which I waited for you
And I continue to-
I continue to hold your name
Above all others in the human race
My precious love,
One day soon
You will hold me and,
Finding light in the bright corners of
These sacred spirits
We will always have love
Glowing, blissful
In our collective heart.


  1. Your sacred spirit glows, sorry, with imagined trans-temporal happiness in this piece. But you somehow also communicate the darker corners needing each others support, by, through, implication - well done.

  2. Oh Katherine, this is truly a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Please would you have a look at my blog and tell me what you think?

    Keep writing!

    The Mile Long Bookshelf

  3. My Deep Love
    I listen to You
    I am above
    The splendor of You
    Heaven can't wait
    Your dignity
    I am sweat
    Of your Testimony

    Xavier QUENTIN, Paris (FRANCE), 2013, May 1st <3

  4. Katherine, you've expressed exactly how I feel too, and in such beautiful words <3. They're out there :) (ok that sounds creepy but you know what I mean :p).

  5. Man this is good. It's so nice to see there are other people who think and feel these things.

  6. Another beautiful poem. All things in God's timing.