Friday, April 26, 2013

Red Sun

On having a big personality.

I am
The warm sunrays
As he lays out for
A casual stretch
And then dives back in
For a cool, cool swim
With his back to the sun
He glides
Away from the glare
Away from words
That are sweet like honey
And smiles that spring
From that which is planted
And carefully cultured-
He does not dare look back
And I am left hanging
At first feeling
Like a love song,
So soothing
But now that he's swam
The width of the Atlantic
I feel silly up here.
Impatiently I'm beaming
And the heat feels
Too hot
On cheeks that blush
Red with shame
For I realized
For him I'm too much
And he's swimming around the globe
Looking for the moon
So cool she is,
As I melt helplessly
Behind the red-gold hills.


  1. I love this! Have you thought of getting your poems published? I have some contacts that might be of use to you, if you do want them published. Let me know.

    The Mile Long Bookshelf

  2. There is no shame in being effusive, projective, absolutely you. It is so sad that a man would need to flee; such as I did many years ago. I searched for what cannot be found, and during moments of introspection blamed myself for not `swimming` far enough or in the wrong direction. Us men are often a confused mess of hunter instincts and nurture ideology. The result is too frequently divided families, the damage radiating for generations. True love is a miracle, and can only exist between people dedicated to unconditional acceptance and abiding attraction. Your man will manifest according to the will of God. Your soul can be at ease.