Friday, April 26, 2013

The Forest

Afraid of what's inside of your heart
I take off running
Into the nearest forest
The outskirts of
This village of trees
Are shrouded thickly
Piercing and crowded
I run at a pace
That is frantic and desperate
I am chasing
And I am chased
I am not strong
I am not proud
I'm ashamed.
Shame steps with me
Clunk, clunk, clunk
Pounding into the forest floor
I want to be invisible
And disappear into the wind
As the sun slowly dips
As the air grows cold
I am more lost
As the hours pass
As my lungs burn
I lose you
And freedom from your
Dark brown eyes
Tastes sweet in lungs
That burn like betrayal
How could you let me go?
How did I let it go this far?
In this forest I will take refuge
Running until
My bones dry up
And my heart caves in
Maybe tonight,
If I run past the twilight
I will escape
The pierce of your eyes
And the sting of your words
Maybe if I run past the sunrise
I will reach the world's end
And I won't need you
To fill up these holes
I will be one
With the wind and the trees
And everything inside of me
Will heal

I repeat these words as I continue


  1. This poem scares me - and I do not scare easily. Very good!

  2. This is a brilliant poem! It makes me wonder if you are okay, though? I may just be reading too much into the poem but thought I'd ask. If you ever need to chat, you can contact me at my blog. :)

    The Mile Long Bookshelf

  3. I find the poems weird at first, but as I read it twice, trice, and so on... I began to understand that its roots are very deep... mostly sad, but with a burning hope at the end always...

    Hope you could inspire more people to do creative writing to release their sorrows and burdens!

    Best wishes!