Thursday, August 8, 2013

Soon it will be November

It's funny how one night /can stick in your mind for seven long months/ and how since the day I met you /no one can compare /and maybe it's my own fault/ for holding on, playing the songs we used to sing /or maybe it's your fault / for being so beautiful and/ for being so good to me that night /when I told you my story and/ you told me yours/ and your eyes were bright /hoping this would be our first chapter together /but you were wrong /and I knew it all along/ I thought it would be easy, that time would come swiftly /and cradle me in her soft, slow hands /but she didn't/ and soon it will be November /and I wonder, after one year /will I be okay again? / I hope you are / and I hope your heart/ doesn't hurt like this.

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