Thursday, August 8, 2013


Let's keep driving
Through the streets of Tulsa
This song is too sweet
These streets are too mesmerizing
I am captivated
Aching with the meanings
Behind brick and barbecue and
Folks who build things
With dirt-stained hands
And bright, clean hearts
Please, let's get lost
So we will never stop
Circling these roads
In a city that tonight
Is holding me perfectly
And fitting my heart
Inside of its' county lines
Road signs and humble homes
Resting beneath a
Summer moon,
Glowing steadily in the
Heart of this country.


  1. Hey Kathrine
    I live in Webster Wisconsin and I love cimorelli and your songs. I want to try to write some of my own poems and your poems inspired me to try to write poems. But I have know idea what to write about can you help me and give me some advice.

  2. To talk to me here is my Gmail

    I would love to here from you guys on my email

  3. Please write more! They are so well written and I absolutely love reading your poems! They make my day!