Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Swim Practice, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and the Ugly Couch.

Remembering those summer days
On which I would make
Gigantic chocolate chip cookies
Fat and warm and soft and melty
Over-filled with rich, brown sugar

And I would swim early
Forcing myself to jump
Into the freezing pool

On those days
I would ride home
Covered in goosebumps
And race to the silver shower
Jerking the round nozzle
To emit the cold water
Which would turn
Gloriously hot
And rinse me free
From chlorine

And always, always
Awaiting those huge cookies

I would take a few
On a soft, white napkin
And with a delicious novel
Head to the large, green-brown couch
Which was magnificently ugly
Yet so welcoming and comfortable
I never wanted to leave.

And I would never fall asleep, reading
On those summer days-
Wet, chlorine hair
Tired muscles
Warm chocolate on the outer corners
of a smiling mouth.