Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You can always come back.

There's something about
Coming home
On a September day
To a bonfire
And a family that loves you
Something warm and
Something beautiful
Something that reminds you-

You can leave for a
daydream or two,
But you can always come back.

You can always come back.


  1. "You can leave for a daydream or two..." just wonderful!

  2. this poem have something special
    its something not commonly found
    something unique!!!!!.

    your poem make me think.. when I wrote poems .
    you are an amazing writer.... really awesome, so.. don't stop write a poems please. :D

  3. I spent some time in the military and this poem struck a chord in me. Some of the time I felt my time away was a daydream and I had an ache in my heart to be home, my mom used to say to me you an always come back. She is with Jesus now. Thank you for sparking a memory of her in my mind, every memory of her is a treasure in my heart.