Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Park

We spent our days at that park
The sprawling lawn
Squares of pale green
And thirsty brown
We were young,
Laughing on that
Infinite playground.

We hopped the chain fence that night
Swinging into infinity
Beneath the rattling chains
And the reflection of moonlight
Like pale, blue seawater
Over the poetry of the light, foam landing
So no matter how high you go
You can fall onto something soft.

I am a child forever in that park
I am the gathering of the never-ending
Waves of the sea there,
The healing of music
And the light of youth.

We are better here,
Out of doors
In sunshine
In sweat-soaked t-shirts
And grass-stained knees
We are holding firmly
To our truest selves-


  1. How are you such a good poet?! Its not fair!! If you can, or if anyone can for that matter, please take a look at my poetry. I set up a blog a few days ago, and i'd love to know what you think.

    thank you xo