Monday, April 28, 2014

last night

i was unsuspecting last night
and secretly, i even said to myself
that i would never fall
not for him, not for him
i drove slowly
through the city traffic
relaxed, laughing, not really knowing
that when i saw him
my heart would twist into a startled knot
i couldn't even focus on his outer
when his soul shone like the stage lights that night
i saw right through
to his bright, pure heart
he looked at me lightly
and then looked away
his soft, green eyes
locking with mine
for split-second increments
and then fading into the dimension
between time and space
when he spoke to me,
his voice carried like a perfect lullaby
my knees began to tremble
when he smiled out of the corners of his mouth
and looked straight into
my unsuspecting brown eyes
i swallowed the lump in my throat,
heart quickening, thoughts racing
and hastily i stuttered that
i had to go

for the rainfall has been heavy on this heart of mine
for quite some time
and i fearfully question her strength
if i were to allow her to be soaked through once again
so i have her wrapped tightly
in these strips of fear and self-protection
the very cloth pieces that began to tremble
seeing those soft green eyes set above sincere words and
his nervous smile
i looked back into the city lights
as i drove away and left him behind

i sighed
leaving him
in last night.

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