Monday, April 28, 2014

Part Of Us

Part of us works;
Peals of laughter
Sprinkling the chandelier
And spilling over our uncertain hearts
Sitting side by side
On the floor in your room
You showed me a box
Of your favorite things
And you opened up to me
Things that only a few others know
I felt privileged
Hanging on your words
You looked at me like a little sister
And I smiled up at you
Blushing and looking away
Like a week-old bouquet of roses
I held out my hand and
You pulled away
Which brings me to
The part that doesn't-
The words I say
That you beat black and blue
With misunderstanding
The awkward silences
The collected moments in which
You turned from me, colder than the winter nights on which I used to
Say goodbye to you, close the door and
Wish you were mine but
That part doesn't work.

We're unfinished and
It frustrates me like
Smoke rising from a chimney

For I see if
One part doesn't work
The rest will surely die.

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