Monday, April 28, 2014


I won't admit to you
That I thought about you tonight
My mom almost hit three cars
On the way back from the recording studio
And the sea of red car lights seemed
Unnecessary and unimportant
All I could think of
Were the airplane lights
Cutting into moody clouds
On an April night
That would witness your departure
From the state of California
Maybe no one else noticed
As well as I did
That you're gone

My heart sinking,
My breath, wistful
And ironically,
My car got broken into today
They smashed the windows and took my purse
And even though I cried
Like a little child
It didn't hurt like
It hurts to know that
You left and didn't car enough
To tell me goodbye
You didn't say goodbye

Well, here it is-
Wishing you the best
Wishing you all the great things
That the state of Ohio has to offer.

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