Monday, June 30, 2014

My sweet, little loneliness

My sweet, little loneliness
I know you so well
I slip noiselessly
Into your open arms
And I found you outside tonight
In the beautiful, cold starlight
I let you hold me
On the emptiness of the deserted deck
At the tip top of my home
Behind the secret door
Looking out at misty waves
As the sea air kissed my dark hair
It was just you and I
Looking up at a vast, indigo sky

I heard the song
That sang my story
And I listened carefully
Wrapped up in
The way you fit me
So perfectly

Will we always be companions?
Or will I say goodbye to you someday?
We have become such good friends,
Yet, I don't want you to stay.


  1. Okay, wow. Why don't people appreciate poetry?? Cause this is worded so beautifully that I simply do not understand how people can write poetry off as "boring." Because this is a work of art. Seriously. I'm in love with your words! ;)

  2. Thank you soo much for your kind words, Abby!! That means a lot :)