Monday, June 30, 2014


Words are my
Unconscious process
The awkward arrangements sticking out like
Light in a darkened room
Flowing freely,
Steady like a savior
I pile them, shape them, coax them, soothe them
They are my good friends
The trust is mutual
The creations are beautiful
We understand that what we share is
An unbreakable bond
A place free from judgment
Just me and my soldiers, my partners
They are graceful and flexible
Allowing me to arrange them fluidly
To pour out pain onto an innocent page
They receive me,
Happy to be useful
Happy to be set free
From the dust of my hamster-wheel brain
I whisper them from the ink stand of my fragile heart
And, in my vulnerability
I am free.
It's all thanks to you,
My bright and brave soldiers-
Thank you for being there for me.



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  2. This is one of the best poems you've written! I really connected with it! Nice work!

  3. I sit atop a moonlit ridge
    Waiting to be lulled to sleep by the gentle kiss of a summers breeze
    For in my slumber your angelic glow overwhelms the depths of my soul
    There the lord blessed me with a universe in which your sweet soul is my every day reality

    Every night that I sleep I wake up to a world of adventure with you by my side
    Every night we walk hand in hand filling this blank canvas of existence with our personal philosophical direction
    Every night I battle to stay alive in this vivid corner of perfection for I know when I wake you will no longer know my of my existence

    Sorry my grammar is a bit atrocious