Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ode To Dani

Happy eleventh birthday, Dani!

My smallest sister,
I love you more than summer
When the sun is hot
And the ocean's cool
And we are driving in my car
With out favorite songs turned up high

I love you more everyday
For with your eyes
Green like honeydew
And freckles sprinkled
On your face like stars
And your salty voice
Crackly like autumn
I see the beauty
Of strength & innocence
So wrapped up together
Like presents on Christmas

You are the perfect balance
Of give and take, black and white
You take each day and give it a smile
And suddenly the sun will shine
For even in rain,
Your eyes are bright

And I can't believe
That you are mine
I'm more than lucky
To call you a sister
Whenever I hear
Your sparkling laugh
It ruffles my thoughts
Like shattering glass
You touch my heart
Like a potter with clay
And you make me believe
That everyday
Magic is hiding
Waiting to be revealed
By a word or a dance
Or a heart that's been healed

Thank you for being
A firecracker, a rainstorm
A force to be reckoned with,
My sister,
My smallest sister.

Love, Katherine :)


  1. Awww your such a sweet sister Kath:) I love how you adore Dani so much! xx

  2. Dani Happy Birthdaay.! The world celebrate your birthday. *-*

  3. Wow, this is beautiful..
    I wish I would have a sister like that..

    btw. Happy birthday, Dani :)

  4. I've been listening to you girls some months ago and I adore your music but today I found out this beautiful oda you dedicated to Dani. I just wanna say how it touched my heart and congratulate you for your wonderful sensibility.
    Laura (30, Spain)

  5. I even translated it for my blog ;)