Sunday, June 5, 2011

Windmill Arms

I have to take this
Like water drips in spiral drops
When it is late
And you have left
The sink on
Just a tiny bit
For the seven hundredth time
I have to stop these thoughts
That run and run
Like windmill arms
Around and 'round
On gusty days
In numbers close
To infinite
Even though I miss you
Like summer days
Miss winter nights
Like the ocean's depths
Miss starry lights
Like anyone misses
Something that is
Far too far away.


  1. i love this. so much. im a writer too and this makes me so happy... not because its happy but because its so incredibly amazing. you are so incredibly amazing, katherine cimorelli:)

  2. I love your blog, It's really beautiiful! :)
    I follow you! :)
    And in your twitter :) I am @BegoDreamySmile
    .Can you follow me? You are really fantastiic!
    Kiss. A ordinary spanish Girl :)