Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today is a gift
It sits in my lap
Wrapped in the bow
Of an early morning
I can't help but wonder
What's in the box?
But I know that question
Is senseless to ask
For if I'm to have
The greatest of days
It's all up to me
To find in this day
The beauty of LIFE,
The face of God,
And the joy of Love.



  1. I can not say without knowing you that you are very special to me because I'm just a fan, but you know that here in Brazil I can find people so humble and honest in the music world and she loves everything around her, especially Lord. Katherine, I love you even though I know you do not know me. -kiss

    PS: I'm sorry, i have a poor english vocabulary!

  2. I think I might just be obsessed with this.

    I get this image in my head of kids on christmas and the suspense and eagerness of having to wait until you can open your gifts. so beautifully done:)