Sunday, June 5, 2011


Lately I've been thinking about forgiveness, and how it changes and challenges the human character. This poem is a culmination of those thoughts and ideas.

I know I'm only human
But that is not
A timeless pass
And I should have known better
I should have known
This wouldn't last
For all the useless moments
I drank up like
A careless sweet
Are now to me
The worst of me
And something I
Will not repeat
I'm sorry I was selfish
I do regret
The path I drifted
All the tears
I caused, my friend,
I pray to God
Will soon be lifted,
Lifted from your caring heart,
Lifted from your onyx lashes
But please, just know,
I am a phoenix;
I have risen from the ashes.


  1. Love the first 3 lines. It's so important not to forget that being human is not an excuse. Beautiful as always Katherine!

  2. Once again in limited space,
    you capture our Lord's saving grace.
    You make so simple, what is complex.
    I eagerly await what you plot next.
    Yes, plot indeed, my words are true,
    for that's exactly what you do.
    Words, spoken with greatest ease,
    can direct the paths of those who read
    You have a gift, which is superb.
    In fact, I can be lost for words,
    but just a scroll of the mouse and *click*
    it comes together, just in the time of nick.
    Keep doing what you do, you make me smile.
    I will check often, so don't neglect this for a while.