Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cold World

I'm just trying my best to keep my morals and values strong in a world so vehemently opposed to that. I have found so much peace, joy and fulfillment in trying to know God, and on the converse, I shudder to think of the darkness I've glimpsed when I become immersed in more worldly matters. I pray God will keep me safe from evil always, and I pray He does the same for you, too! :)

You can take my coat.
And you can have this
Plastic smile
As you dial on a telephone
With phantom hands
I've never held
As sinister fingers
Touch my bones
I wonder how you think
You'll get to me
I wonder how you you've
Ever been under that illusion

I laugh.

Cages will shut
And voices may scream
Shackles may clasp
And doors will slam
As my body may be
Inside of you buildings
Go ahead, dark sir,
And light a quick match
Burn up my body
You can take
These mannequin motions
You can have
Each piece of my outer
For when you reach out
For my hand
You will find
That it is cold
Like my heart
Which will be
Deflated and silent
For I will be

As my soul sits high
On a travertine shelf
And my mind now is locked
In a solid gold haven
For you, cold world
Can have these lies
I don't belong here
Inside your black prison
I don't belong here
Choking on your bitter poison.

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