Thursday, January 12, 2012


You chased me down
In front of my friends
And you aimed at me
An arrow of arrogance
You pointed at me
A shotgun of smugness
And you asked me a question
Intended to hurt
I spun in a daze,
Unsure of an answer
And you, as a hawk
Swooped up my dignity
And let it fall-
In a bloody sheet of glass
As I was left
To squirm in pain
So tell me, proud sir,
What is your gain?
What is the profit
In making a stranger
Look like a fool?
How do you feel now,
Haughty and high up?
Do you feel like a king?
Let me polish your throne
Built from pebbles of pride
And fashioned in shimmering
Glimmers of greed
As you laugh in your kingdom
You can be sure
That your chuckles will echo
For no one is here
To laugh at your side
And as I leave your courtroom
I feel Pity's sting
For I notice your kingdom is

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