Thursday, January 12, 2012


Maybe one day I'll be married
And to the one that I love
I'll forever be true
And we'll work through each fight
With the strength of a hurricane
And I'll thank my good God
For each moment of love...

But for now as I skip
Down the beach on a Tuesday
My hair is a mess
And I dance like a freak
Yet I really don't care
Cause there's no one to think of
I savor this moment
Like sweets, warm and caramel
I don't have to worry
About jealousy
Or trying to decode
Minimally communicated semi-messages
Or trying to decipher
The actions of my male peers
For I am alone
Simply and profoundly
And I know that
Being single
Can be fantastically, dazzlingly
Beautifully bright.


  1. I looooveeeee this one! You're so talented Kath.


  2. I really like this =]. Everything will come at its own pace, so one has to remember that in the present we have to savor every moment we live =]

    Keep up the good work ^-^