Friday, November 30, 2012

A Poem for November

In the silence and stillness of November
Between barren trees and rainy streets

I think of you

Brown eyes and a leather jacket;
Just riding in your car I felt
Just being by your side I felt
And just talking to you
For hours and hours
I didn't want to stop

I hope you think of me sometimes.
I hope you know
My heart aches this November
As I dream of Christmas
I wish you were here
And as you drive
For miles and miles
And find the ways
To close the holes in your soul
[Holes we all possess and hold]
I pray for you
I hope you know

This November is for you.


  1. You are so amazing and i love your poems <33

  2. Kathy thank you for making my life beautiful. You are really amazing person and I just love you. Thank you<3

  3. Entre árboles desnudos y calles lluviosas

    Pienso en ti.

    Ojos pardos y chaqueta de piel,

    Paseando en tu coche, me sentí
    Estando a tu lado, me sentí

    Hablando contigo,
    Horas y horas,
    No quería parar.

    Espero que pienses en mí alguna vez,
    Espero que sepas
    Que mi corazón sufre este Noviembre,
    Mientras sueño en la Navidad
    Quisiera que estuvieras aquí
    Y mientras conduces
    Millas y millas
    Y encuentras el modo
    De cerrar los huecos de tu alma
    [Huecos que todos tenemos y soportamos]
    Rezo por ti
    Espero que sepas

    Que este Noviembre es para ti.

  4. I've been wondering what poets you read and what poems have given you inspiration and helped you to see and appreciate what you can do with words. And I'm wondering this because, when you ask people to read your poems, are you asking them to read what you think is the best work you can possibly that you've painstakingly worked your butt off to refine, and that you believe could stand on its own regardless of the name attached to it...

    ...or are you asking them to read some thoughts you've written down that should matter to them because you matter to them?

    You ask people to read your poetry and so I come looking for poetry that, sure, might start out as obvious thoughts you'd find in anyone's journal, but are then rethought and reworked until they've become something that touches people because they see, in those poems, themselves, and something thought-provoking -- even, perhaps, surprising -- about humanity.

    You can ask people to read your poems, but, once they've started, the only thing that determines whether they read one and then want to read another will be whether the poems themselves proved their worth upon reading... and that will always depend on how much preparation you did to be able to write that well (which mostly comes down to learning by reading, and feeling, and thinking)... and then how much writing, and rewriting, and searching out of that one proper word, etc. went into each work.

    People will get out of the poems what went into them.

  5. Kathrine, I hope you'll answer.
    I never read poems before, especially english ones,
    but I really, really like it, it this this just for anybody don't exist, or Is it written for a person you know?