Sunday, November 25, 2012

Love/ Lust II

She you will find
On common streets
On pages and pages
Of black and white prints
In every article, on every sign
Yes, she is common
Almost a yawn now
Her excitement has vanished
Her mirth is quite dead now
And now all she is
Is a faceless member
Of a dirt-stained crowd
Crying in shouts
Of tears and confusion
For she is a liar,
The thief of most hearts.

Yet compare her to She
Who stands firm in opposition
Quiet, discreet, she eludes us quite often
She whispers sweet sonnets
And sings, pure, like church bells
But still she runs
Just beyond every corner
Just past the point of arms reach
She is as beautiful as everything
We've ever wanted
Hold her and your heart shivers,
Your pulse quickens and
Your senses sharpen
But be careful.
She is fragile
And the other waits
In a dark corner
To distract and utter
A filthy lie

Just love Her,
Love her without rust and tarnish
See her soul as a glowing angel
And give it the best of your heart
She will be sure to quench those thirsts
Still screaming inside of stifled throats
In a culture of dirt
Where we all see what is common
But still seek She who runs.


  1. This is amazing. I love it. Very Beautiful.

  2. Music and writing---your lovingly thoughtful and creative talents are such a blessing! Hopefully we'll see some of these published soon. <3

  3. I love this! Such a simple yet intricate, plain yet beautiful, description of Love vs. Lust.