Sunday, November 25, 2012

Peppermint Tea

To end the silence
I saw your face in a picture
And I can't describe what my heart did
But it may be something like
A thousand window panes,
Once majestic and towering,
Shattering to the ground
Just whimpering, pathetic shards now
I don't know how
I expect myself to be okay
After forcing myself to let go of
After the moments you held me close
And looked at me with warm eyes
 And made me feel alive

And I know it was me
Who said goodbye
But please just know that
I haven't stopped thinking about you,
Or the long night
With peppermint tea
And matching feet on the escalator. 


  1. This is exactly how I feel, you are so talented Kath I know I'm one of your thousands of fans but i read all of your poems and that is a way to know you better thanks for sharing us your thoughts, beautiful thoughts <3

  2. I love this poem!
    Ps: Peppermint tea is one of my favorites!