Sunday, November 25, 2012


Silenced I was
Under chains and
Tape and
Ropes and
Tied to the thickest anchor
Thrown under
A deep, teal ocean
Of shame-
Red ribbons
Shimmering with
Drops of sadness
Tears and lies,
Stuffed inside
A bloated figure
Shaped as my soul, but
Silenced I was.

You shot me down
You shut me up
You ordered me out
You numbed my feelings
You plugged my tears
You hushed and shushed
Be quiet,
Don't speak.
Shhh, too loud-
Quiet down now.

I'm through with it.
My heart still beats
My soul still hums
My thoughts still speak
My words still scream

There is no way you can silence me.

I will speak my mind
I will carve my way
Into the deepest
Shades of today

And I will speak.

I will speak and be heard.


  1. Wow I love this! It would be such an awesome song :)

  2. Wow. I felt such strong emotion. Love it!

  3. This is my favorite one :)
    I love you Cimorelli <3

  4. So good kath! Amazing job here! Love it! <3

  5. Beautiful! Masterfully done. This is the best poem I've ever read.

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog-instant love! I recently started (meaning today!) a blog of my poems. I only have one up, but it would mean so much if you would read it.

  7. Just what we are living right now! I'm trying to translate it into spanish, rather dificult not to betray such a talent...

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  9. Me callaron
    Con cadenas
    Y cuerdas
    Atada al ancla más densa
    Echada en un profundo y verdoso océano
    De ignominia-
    Rojos jirones
    Brillando con
    Gotas de tristeza
    Lágrimas y mentiras,
    Encubiertas en el seno
    De un hinchado personaje
    Con la forma de mi alma, pero

    Me habéis disparado
    Me habéis encarcelado
    Me habéis expulsado
    Me habéis insensibilizado
    Me habéis endurecido
    Me habéis calmado y
    No hables.
    Shht, no tan alto,
    Quietecita y calladita.

    Esto cambiará.
    Aún late mi corazón
    Aún canta mi alma
    Aún hablan mis pensamientos
    Aún gritan mis palabras

    No hay modo en que podáis callarme.

    Me expresaré
    Me abriré camino
    Entre las sombras más oscuras
    De nuestros días


    Hablaré, y seré escuchada.

    So says Divine Wisdom singing out from the deep abysses of our souls, now censured nearly everywhere, but preparing Her day...

  10. WOW the line deep, teal ocean
    Of shame is going to sit on my consciousness for ever. Just wow. I dont think it is a song though... My keyboard is acting up from spilled coffee! Yikes!