Monday, June 7, 2010


Thinking back
On the words between us
Couldn't quite figure out
Why we came so undone
Scanning my memories
Trying to find
That tug or pull
That unraveled it all
But today
I discovered
Why we broke;
I heard it through my window
The words you spoke
To that pretty girl
Walking down your street
You told here
You liked her
Better than me
I don't know if it's her words,
So foreign and mysterious
The sarcasm she punches
Like a fighter in the ring
Or the smile on her lips
As her eyes gleam mischievous
But I do know
This fact:
I could never do that
I could never be that
So I think I'll turn around
Find my path home
I think I'll be okay
I think I could be happy


  1. ooou...this is so touching!!!:(

  2. Awww gosh Katherine, you're liek such an outstanding writer. Pretty much summing up what's been going on in my head all into beautiful poetry.