Monday, June 7, 2010


Tomorrow's your birthday
And for these past weeks
I've been trying so hard
To patch up our leaks
We were so close
I trusted so quick
I thought you'd be there
And tomorrow I'd give
You a letter or a package
With a picture of balloons
Saying, "Happy birthday, my friend"
And then one day soon
We'd turn into best friends
Sharing secrets and stories
But unfortunately
That's not
The twist to this story
Cause now you have left
And we're no longer friends
And my heart feels so hollow
Like a path with no end
I wish we would make up
I wish we would mend
But every time I try
You won't change, you won't bend
Won't talk, and I'm calling
Out for you instead
Saying, why did we end up
Like strangers, my friend?

But I can't use that word
Cause friends we are not
The pain is so heavy
To know you forgot
But it's worse to think maybe
You remember, indeed
But now that you've known me
There's no reason, no need.

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