Sunday, June 27, 2010


"Thank you for those feelings,"
I say to my heart
For even though the joy
Was quick and not enough
And even though the pain
Was hard and cut me up
What I felt was love
And what I felt was a broken heart
And the colors of those feelings
Like the memories of those days
Were bright and beautiful
And harsh and dark and heavy
And I'm glad to know
I felt those things
As my heart expanded
Like a rippling kite
I'm grateful that
I took a swing
With all my strength
Though I missed the ball

I'm glad I tried
I'm glad I hurt
I'm glad I loved.


  1. Strawbuhherries !!! This is EXACTLY how I am feeling right now Katherine ! =\ This kind of reminds me of that quote that goes a little something liek, "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" or something liek that :P Your poems are so good though. I think this one is my new favorite :D Keep 'em rollin' (:

  2. hello! Ok, your poems are very amazing, believe me. :)
    well, today i was sitting on my couch and i wrote this:

    "Today, i felt something,i never imagine to feel
    Today, i'm sad for everything i said
    Today, i cried for everything i did
    What's wrong with me? What happened to the sweat girl that i remember?
    To be honest, I DON'T NO! :'(

    I don't remember the last time i do something well, i don't remember my last happy day, i don't remember the last time i was happy with myself...

    So, i think i need to find me again
    The little girl i remember, the girl with a good heart.

    But if i can't, if i can't find this girl?
    If i can´t remember, who this girl is truly?
    If i fail?!"

    Yeah, i know this is not good, i guess this is the first time i wrote something like this. i know this is not a big deal but i need to share with you, i don't no why. maybe because you share your poems. hahaha
    So if you see this, say something ok?!

    oh if it has mistakes is normal, i'm portuguese and my english is not the best, :S

    Beijos (kisses)

  3. Katherine Cimorelli this is simply amazing :)

  4. Filipa- that was realllllyyy cool!! Thank you soo much for sharing it with me!! <333

    And thankss Luke :))