Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hey, Surfer Boy

Hey, surfer boy
With the tousled, golden hair
When I passed you by today
I couldn't help but stare
I was running down the beach
iPod music in my ear
I wonder if you saw the sweat
Dripping down my face like tears
As you shook the sand off
Your sun-kissed, salty skin
You smiled like the sunlight
In a way so genuine
And as our eyes were locked together
My heart swelled up with sudden joy
All I felt was summer weather
When you smiled, surfer boy.


  1. Oh wowiee. Katherine, I'm sensing a little infatuation here with some dazzling young blonde headed boy at the beach. :P Just kidding. I liekey this one too ! I can actually visualize all this going down in my head & liek this scene could totally be apart of some romantic comedy or something (:

  2. You should totally turn this into a song! :)