Thursday, November 10, 2011


Written about the more negative aspects of college partying; for instance, I recently read an article about a boy who DIED in a frat house after a night of heavy partying. According to the article, some of the people there carried him to a bed nearby, and he didn't move for 10 hours, yet no one did a thing... This breaks my heart. I recently visited some colleges, and after observations and hearing personal testimonies, this poem was the result of my thought processes.

They creep through the streets
In thousand, in unison
Mindless and controlled
Unaware of dark clouds rolling
Their eyes are dead
Their hearts are hard
Hurt and left, forgotten and left
I wonder how their Father feels
Crying, from a darkened sky

They wish to possess
A love like a lion-
Fierce and untamed
Like hearts left to love
But instead all they find
Is heartache and numbness
Faceless bodies,
Flailing and groping
Gasping for love,
So elusive, it waits
They swallow their poison
Eyes squinted, eyes blinded
Bitter stingers in their mouth,
It sits in bottles and cans

A lifestyle of joy
A lifestyle of freedom
A lifestyle of free love,
No one has to pay the price...
Is this really what you find,
Crying girl on Sunday morning?
How he held you, lost in poison
Then left you there for dead.
Is this really what you wanted,
Hopeless boy on Tuesday night?
You gaze up at your trophy wall-
Broken dreams you hoped to steal
Left to perish underneath
A nightmare filled with
I know you knew your mother's love
And you knew that she loved you
I know the shame you feel as you
Love and leave another girl

College, once a golden place
How have you become so dark?
Oh, how you drain your victims,
Oh, how you break their hearts.


  1. This is such a touching post. I love it! I've actually been thinking about college for awhile now, and it's a scary thought! I would love to find a good Christian college. Any advice?

    1. Hey Abby!! Yes, definitely do your research, and find a college with a strong Christian core. Some that I know of that have much more stable atmospheres than the more secular schools are Pepperdine, Biola, and Ave Maria in Florida (those are just from personal experience; I'm sure there are dozens more). Also, the experience you have there is up to you. You can choose to party and drink, or you can choose to find other ways to have fun. God is always watching out for you, and He will keep you safe :)

  2. So touching ! You put so much emotion in it :)
    (fortunately, I'm not in College yet)

  3. touching! what a great perspective, props girl!