Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thin Ice

I'm running
You're walking
Our hearts both on fire
Passion is a force
We both held back tightly

The difference is
I put my heart in;
I put my soul in

I reached out my hand
And you were not there
You were nowhere to be found.

I think of all the miles I travelled;
Hills and valleys
Sloping and rising
To see you, to be there for you
To give what you needed
I asked for support
But you wouldn't hold me up
I asked for a smile
And you showed me a shoulder
Cold as an ice storm
I shivered and shivered
Catching the flu
I stayed up all night
Exhausted, broken, forgotten and dead
I asked for you
Timidly, weakly,
I let myself hope
That you would be there;
A saving grace
In acid rain.

But you didn't come-
I waited.
You didn't care-
I wept.

And you didn't show me
The smallest of kindness
So here I am,
On the other side
The transformation is hard to believe
As I stand on this ledge
High above the city
My heart is still on fire,
My mind is now clear

I see what I need;
I see it.
I wait.
I wait for the one
Who will show me how he cares
In small deeds
And large promises
Kept neatly supported
By beams of actions
That reassure, nurture and protect.

I wait for the one
I don't have to run after
And chase like a thief
Escaping my love.

You will be a memory
Frozen in a distant pond
Under a sign,
Reading in red,
"Do Not Skate; Thin Ice."

For I refuse
From this day forth
To feel your coldness
Ever again.

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