Tuesday, November 1, 2011

lady danville. 7.28.11.

Enchanted night
Hundreds of people
Youth, excitement, open air
Concert stage
Rainbow lights:
Pink, blue, green and gold

I watched from the center
Roughly third row
Arrival through elbows,
"Excuse me, excuse me,"
Opening band:
Crunchy guitar
Sweaty, ambitious
Yet still I await
The main event

One, two, three
They came, took the stage
Heart is pounding
Please play my song...
Guitar strums through wires
Fingers touch plastic keys
Taped-up hands
On lovely cajon
Mouths kiss their microphones

My heart is alive
In this musical magic.



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  2. This was great! Made my morning :)

  3. BTW! that was me in the chat room after your EP release "mah dream girl!" ;) Don't usually do those things but it was great to hear all about your EP, keeping your success in my prayers!