Thursday, November 10, 2011

Heaven Waits

Heaven waits for me
Glistening like a summer dew
Love is gushing in my heart
Rising and expanding,
Carrying me like a river raft
I let myself fall
In this spring filled with hope
I let myself go
Of anger and fear
Shedding these shadows
I let myself love
I let myself see
The light in the clouds
Of Jesus, sweet Jesus

Only the truly insane can see
How perfectly sensible His call is
Softly he sings for me,
Sweet like a melon's flesh
I shiver with pleasure
At the thought of my God
Holding me close
To the warmth of His heart
So I hold onto this rope
It's golden and warm
And if I keep my promises
And make up for
The ones I break
I will make it up the ladder
To a place where light abounds
And hearts may heal in a single moment;
Oh Jesus, please come for me!


  1. I never know what to say, I realy like your poems - all of them - I am brazilian and I am a singer and writer too :)

    I have a blog too

    I translate one of my favorite poems just to try to make you understand. I hope you like it like I like yours. <--- is it right? lol

    Well, Just to finish: You are my favorite, but keep it secret. lol²

  2. Hi Katherine. I'm from Brazil. I found Cimorelli's videos and I think you are great! And i saw that you are religious! That's great! What's your religion?

    I thank Lord to send you girls to my life.

  3. WOW Kath gorgeous i know about ur blog 4 ur twitter, and a love urs covers really, am from Dominican republic and am a writer too just that i write in Spanish this's ma blog BLESSINGS

  4. Estou te seguindo... e tbm vim avisar que estou de blog novo... pois ando meio depre, e acho que vai ser uma maneira de eu interagir mais com o pessoal... to mto feliz e todo dia tem post novo, espero que siga e que goste né...

  5. I really love it <3. I'm speechless... Y'know, I don't belong to any specify religion, I just hope there is someone who protects us, blames us when we do bad things we don't regret. But it's so beautiful :O