Sunday, May 6, 2012

Little Angel

For my smallest brother, Joey, who is 7.

tiny voice
with butterfly thin whispers
I hold you close
but you squirm away
black-brown hair
soft and short
tousled by me.

my little angel
who sleeps on the floor
on a pile of pillows
and blankets stacked high
I wish for you
to always smile
I wish for you
to never cry.


  1. This is soooo sweet! (:

    Apart from the loveliness of your poems, I'm sitting here like :O, 'cause only yesterday I looked on your side and wondered, whether you would post some new things soon. And just after this, you did. Well, its now 16:30 here in Germany. ^^


  2. Oh mi Dios!!

    Que hermosas palabras para tu pequeño hermano. Debe estar muy contento de recibir tan tiernas palabras.

    Siempre en los videos en youtube, veo que eres muy tierna con tus hermanos. Eso es muy bondadoso.

  3. Wow Kath! I love this one! So cute :) especially 'cause you made it for Joey!