Sunday, May 6, 2012


Dedicated to the emotion I wrestle with the most.

That which clenches at my stomach
And strangles my weak lungs
Pushing and pulling
Weighing me down
So heavy, so solid
It picks me up
And hurls me to the ground
I cry out, shaking
Drowning in this deep, heavy flood
With noise, so chaotic
Filling my ears
And water spilling
In a poisoned pool
Where I choke and drown
Weighed down by my own
Ancient sorrows
 I swallow Fear and smile
So it sits in my stomach
I smile at you
So eager and so ready
You wait for me
You wait on blazing days
Til sunburns scorch
And on freezing nights
Til frostbite leaves your limbs
A deep purple
As I am here
Chained, beaten, bound and gagged
Choking, I try to find
The words to scream out
To show I am scared
But Fear fills my lungs
Black, thick
And full of an energy
So wild and so exhausting
It chases me,
Rabid and biting
It wraps me up
In squeezing scarlet
Til my heart is blue
From lack of oxygen
Please leave me,
Your constant victim
And let me rest
So these bruises may mend.


  1. Katherine! This poem is so powerful. Fear is such an ugly emotion, but I love how you seemed to cnoquer it by first acknowledging it, then writing about it in such a powerful way that you can even dedicate it to the fear itself! I love how you personified it in such a brutal and destructive way... emotion was so strong and honest here. You're such a talented poet missy! <3

  2. This is simply amazing. I love it and it has so much meaning. I am going to hang this on my wall. Thank you so much for your poetry.

  3. Katherine, te regalo unas palabras que publique hoy en mi blog. Luego me encontre con tu poema. Gracias por compartir letras.

    Miedo. Tan capaz de hacernos perder la razón. Tan capaz de traicionarnos en ese momento de debilidad. Miedo. Nuestro mayor enemigo. Aquel que nos acorta el paso, cuando queremos avanzar....

  4. I really love this one (and all of yours, really)! I like the use of colors to describe fear's effect on us. You are such an inspiration!