Sunday, May 6, 2012

Talking to Dreams

I had a vibrant daydream of a man too afraid to pursue his deepest and most beautiful dreams, and I awoke to write this poem for him. 

Lost in brilliant and broken lights
He stares out of
A thick, glass window
Talking to dreams
He never reached
And paralyzed
By untouched fears
So dusty and weathered
He's carried these secrets
In soft, leather cases
For many long years
Yet finally
The day has come
And the weighing fate
Is far too much
So questions ask
In loud canyon echoes,
"Will you crumble
Will you fly?"


  1. I remember when you texted me this poem!! Did you revise it a little? Parts of it seemed new. Or maybe its just been awhile since I first read it. But! Even though this was my second read, it still blew me away :) I love the character you've created and the setting that you've placed him in. The opening with "Lost in brilliant and broken lights" got me hooked immediately. And I LOVE "Talking to dreams he's never reached" and "He's carried these secrets in soft, leather cases" those lines really helped explore the character, and made my vision of him clearer. And, of course, the final lines with the question was amazing! Perfect way to end this poem, it hits so hard (in the best way, of course!)

  2. mpresionante la capacidad para crear historias mediante poemas. No hay nada más hermoso que las letras. Usted utilizo las palabras precisas para describir sentimientos imposibles de tocar pero sí de percibir.

    Yo volaré en busca de mis sueños. No importa cuan pesado sea el camino

  3. Like Alexa, I love the images this poem paints; soft leather cases are the only appropriate thing to carry secrets in. You know, I really like this poem. Thanks for writing it. :)

    *puts on sunglasses* Time to fly.

  4. and now I need to know if you wanna fly cause i wanna fly <3