Sunday, May 6, 2012

On Wealth

If I am broke 
With empty pockets 
And hungry debts 
Hopefully I will be 
Rich in spirit, 
Full in heart 
And if I 
Reach for goodness 
I can get by
Without much of
The world's materials 
For my soul waits for places 
That money knows not.


  1. Oh por Dios!
    Que belleza. A veces olvidamos lo afortunados que somos, pero le damos más prioridad a las cosas materiales. Debes gritar al mundo lo que sientes y piensas. Gracias por compartir tus escritos.

    Un abrazo muy grandes desde el Caribe, la Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico.!!!!

    Este es mi blog:

  2. Kath your poems are great! def a fan.

  3. I've reread all your poems, and I just can't express how they make me feel! I was reading them again because I miss you, and reading them makes me feel closer to you, in a way. You're such a talented writer and have inspired me in every way! I love you Kath <3

  4. Wow, this is so great and exactly how I feel! Stay strong in your faith! :D

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