Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just A Lie

Last night when we talked
Things were so strange
The levels between
You and me changed
It used to be
My tears would fall
A million miles
Below the moon
But I was looking
Up to you
And you never looked down
At my vulnerable soul
So you never guessed
The crutch I have clutched
For so long.
Then, after I prayed
A thousand prayers
And hoped with the light of
The ocean on fire
Something that held me down
And helped my fears to
Lock me up tight
Was totally and completely
Sure as these words
Just out of habit
I reached out to feel
The familiar pain
That cuts, but feels safe,
Of the twisted and toxic
Thing that you whispered
Into my soul
To pass for
But the throat that spoke
Before with sharp words
That reeled me in
Is now bone-parched
Now that I get it
I laugh but I cry
Cause though you quick-spin it
It's still just a lie
And now that the tide
Of your disguise has run dry
I'm up and you're down
Please take off your mask
The light's spilling in
Revealing your story
Your cover, it tore
Ripped clean in half
Call me all night
But I'll never turn around and
Come back.

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