Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Song In My Mind

I can't believe I'm here
I never wanted to be
It feels like a puddle
A million miles deep
My vision is blurry
My heart is so heavy
I can't breathe
I can't sleep
I can't even walk down the street
Without you in my mind
You in my head
You in the stars
When I go to bed
The beautiful garden
That grew from your words
Turned into a fire
That sears till it burns
The salt-water sea
That flows down my cheeks
Is nothing compared
To the rainstorm in me
Each step of my feet
Is a marathon's run
Each smile I wince
Is like touching the sun
How did it ever
Happen to be
That I can't sleep
Without you in my dreams?
My mind stumbles back
To the night when we shone
Our brown eyes were locked
Like mosaics of stone
Then on to the night
When we lost all we had
Never guessed we would sail
This ocean of Sad
And I wrote you in
To the song in my mind
I curved quarter notes
And sketched out the lines
Even though we fell down
It still skips on repeat
Like a silent insanity
Screaming in me.

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