Saturday, October 3, 2009


You told I have nothing to say
One day long ago
So I gathered up my dreams
And threw them out the window
I numbed myself out of reality,
Flicked on a fuzzy screen
Robotic through the motions
Painting artificial oceans
Beneath a colored sea

I opened up a book
And it showed me how I used to dream
I used to express myself so deeply
It made me wanna scream
Somehow you took that away from me,
Blurred out how I'd see
Locked up my voice on a shelf
So high I couldn't reach

But now I've found the key
I'm back to who I want to be
Now that my poetry's flowing from me
You can't stop my feet
As I run through fields
Of melodies and lyric seeds
I've grown a meadow of love and hope
Right in front of me

Each day my soul cries out
From all the pain when I feel low
My tears become words on a page
That's how my flowers grow
Did you really think
You could silence my voice?
I guess you didn't guess
I would take back that choice

Now when the rain comes down
And hits me like a heart attack
I record each memory;
It stays with me like a photograph
This power in my veins
It could never drain; it's too strong
You can tell me how to live my life and write my song,
But the difference is, I've decided who I listen to
The voice now comes from within me,
Not from you

I'm a shooting star in the galaxy
Melodies and words so stellar
Call me anything you like,
But I'll always be a storyteller.

1 comment:

  1. Katherine! :)

    I loove all the similes and metaphors :) especially in the third and last stanzas