Monday, October 26, 2009

Secret Sorrow

The secret sorrow
Sits in my heart
Softly, sadly
The rain spills
In rows on my roof
Singing a song
About you
Every drop
Reminds me
Of a fact
I wish weren't true:
I have lost you.
Finally, after
All of my hiding
Running and crying
My heart gave up on me.
"No more,"
It pleaded
I had to listen
For once I made
A brave decision
I picked
The right answer
Untied my knots
Fixed all my problems
Or so I thought
I asked a thousand
People to tell me
What to do
How to respond
Where to go
They spun me
In circles
Words overlapping
I was
Out of breath
From searching for answers
So I looked at my heart
It showed me this:
We aren't right.
So I told you
My story
The one that has been
Bottled up tight
Sealed and silent
But beating inside me
I gave you back
The melodies bright
You reached in
Your pocket
Pulled out my heart
The crushed-up pieces
You placed in my palm
And after
We parted
I closed my door
The ache of my soul
Matched the flood of pain
Rushing and tearing
Bleeding and trembling
As the secret sorrow
Sits in my heart
Softly, sadly.

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